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April 20th-21st

  We cordially invite you to participate in the Notre Dame School Science Fair 2023!


  Any student is eligible to participate.  The primary objective of the Science Fair is to promote critical thinking and scientific problem-solving through hands-on experimentation and observation.

The students will be expected to:


*Ask a question and form a hypothesis


*Design and complete an experiment to test that hypothesis


*Make observations, organize data, analyze results, and draw conclusions


*Write about the scientific research conducted


*Create a scientific display board and PowerPoint presentation of their project.


  Participation in the science fair is voluntary, and students may receive extra credit in their science classes.  All work on the project should be completed at home, culminating in creation of a scientific display board and a digital research report. GLOBE, NASA's environmental program, sent the themes for this Year: Trees and Microplastics. 


  Students may work alone or with 4 partners in the same grade. Prizes will be awarded to the first-place winners in each section. Parents and community members are invited to attend the fair that will be held on the mornings of April 20-21.


  More detailed information regarding the project guidelines is provided in the NDS Activity Guide, Science Fair Section, which will be available online in the Weblogs.


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