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Innovative School for Leaders


"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

John Dewey


  1. Families fit the described profile of the school.

  2. Students pass the admission exams of English, Math & Spanish.

  3. Students pass the psychological exam.

  4. Students have basic knowledge of English and/or Spanish from 7th grade up.

  5. Families, whose children have no previous or limited knowledge of English and/or Spanish, should commit to have them in tutoring classes in the School, to be admitted to the School.



In order to be admitted students must be at least three years of age on or before December 31 of the academic year of entrance.


  • Admission is granted to a student when it has been determined that the school has a vacancy and an appropriate program to meet his/her individual needs.

  • In the admission evaluation process the evaluation will reflect the student’s previous educational experience, age, maturity, linguistic proficiency and academic needs. In certain circumstances students will be advice to take support classes to meet their educational needs.

  • Students will be placed in the corresponding level according to their age if K-1, or to the report card from the preceding school.(Ordenanza1’96)

  • Applications for Grades 11 and 12 will be not be accepted.


  1. In the Preschool, the school aims for a target of 15 students with a teacher and assistant teacher in each class. This number may increase to 20 at the discretion of the Head of School.

  2. From Kindergarten through Grade 12, the school aims for a target of 20 students. This number may increase to 24 at the discretion of the Head of School.



1.      NDS does not provide for educational needs such as severe learning difficulties.  In the Secondary School (Grades 9-12), the courses are essentially college-preparatory and with a demanding academic emphasis. Support for students with learning disabilities at this level is very limited.



English is the main language of instruction in the school and there is an expectation that students have, or will acquire, a satisfactory standard of English.  It should be stressed that non-English speaking students should gain maximum exposure to the language and if a student does not have a satisfactory standard of English at the time of application, he/she will not be admitted.



  • Show loyalty and commitment in complying with the Mission, Vision & Guiding Beliefs of the School.

  • Demonstrate honesty and consistency through your behavior at school.

  • Be courteous and show good manners with your fellow classmates, parents, teachers, and other staff of the school.

  • Be responsible for your actions.

  • Learn to self-control yourself, know how to appropriately express your needs, concerns and feelings.

  • Show respect, cooperation and be responsible at all times in your interest to learn.

  • Complete and hand-in all assignments on time.

  • Be comprehensive and accept everyone around you, respect differences.

  • Cooperate at school, in your community, and participate in group activities.

  • Listen carefully to others; show your support towards what is right and be understanding.

  • Respect the belongings of others.

  • Try to do what is best for the school and all of the students in your school.

  • Maintain order and cleanliness inside and outside of your classroom and in every area of the school at all times.


Parent Profile
  • Remember that you are your child’s first educator and the school acts as a collaborator.

  • Show affection, respect and solidarity to the staff, the students of the school community and inside your home.

  • Believe in and follow the School’s policies.

  • Do your part in working with the School to reach the objectives and goals of all students as outlined in the curriculum.

  • Familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of the School and follow them at all times.

  • Continuously support your child’s education and be an active member at as many activities related to the School as possible.

  • Teach your children values, manners, ethics, in your home as well as the lifestyle reinforced at your School – not vice versa; and be conscious that without consistent effort in the home the cycle is broken.

  • Show concern about your children’s feelings, be affectionate, be their example by showing love, tolerance and loyalty.

  • Understand that showing love does not mean spoiling your children by giving them everything they ask for, pay for their education, and provide food and shelter; rather it means dedicating time to your children, to your family life, having good communication and showing true feelings towards them.

  • Get to know your children’s friends and show interest in the activities they enjoy.

  • Establish rules that go along (as much as possible) with the School’s rules.



After you fill in the admissions request form and requirements, an appointment for the applicant student will be made for the admissions exam.

The Department of Psychology Head will confirm the exam results by phone call or email to the parents.

If the date falls on a weekend, confirmations are sent the next working day.

After the child is admitted to NOTRE DAME SCHOOL the following documents should be presented to the Registrar to complete the application process:


1.    The child should be four years old before December of that school year
2.    Two 2x2 color pictures (recent)
3.    Original birth certificate/ for foreigners a copy will be accepted
4.    The NOTRE DAME SCHOOL registration form.
5.    Report card (except nursery students)
6.    Medical form fully completed
7.    Copy of vaccination card (recent)
8.    A good behavior letter  from previous school (except nursery students)
9.  Certificate of full payment from previous school, if the report card is not submitted.

  Elementary and Middle School

1.    1st grade students should be 6 years old before September first
2.    Two 2x2 color pictures (recent)
3.    Original birth certificate.  For foreigners a copy will be accepted
4.    The NOTRE DAME SCHOOL registration form
5.    Report card form previous school
6.    Medical form fully completed
7.    Good behavior letter from previous school
8.    Certificate of full payment from previous school, if the report card is not submitted.

 High School

1.   Two 2x2 color pictures (recent)
2.   The NOTRE DAME SCHOOL registration form
3.   Original certification from 8th grade
4.   Original birth certificate.  For foreigners a copy will be accepted
5.   Medical form fully completed
6.   Report card from previous school
7.   Good behavior letter from previous school
8.   Certificate of full payment from previous school, if the report card is not submitted.

9. 9th grade students should present their National Test Certificate.

NOTRE DAME SCHOOL: Where every talent counts!

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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